Vinderen - Lars Calmer
The ceramic figure The Winner by Lars Calmer, which you can see in our Odense department, is our symbol and landmark.

Our values

We want to be Denmark’s most attractive producer of panels

We want to create the most optimal solutions for our customers and our company, and we want to be your prefered choice within electrical panels in Denmark. We want to achieve this goal by providing simple and clever solutions that meet our customers´ challenges in the best way possible.

We want to be your preferred partner in electrical panels

We aim at having a close dialogue with our customers and – in a profitable manner – deliver technical solutions that provide our customers with a positive experience. We will do this, among other things, by optimizing the solutions, our customers demand.

We want to be a 100% Danish company

Our focus is Danish quality and our entire production is in Denmark. In other words, you will always meet Danish speaking employees, who know the local challanges, when you are in contact with Titech. As one of the few Danish producers of electrical panels, we are also ISO 9001 certified, which ensures high quality, efficient management and a structured customer dialogue.

It has to be fun and stimulating to work at Titech

We want to be innovative and effective, and we want to attract and retain the best employees by making the company a challenging place to work and providing opportunities for professional development.

We celebrate our victories

We believe that there should be room to show excitement and celebration of our successes will result in employee commitment and thus a better performance.