The story about an entrepreneur

Titech, which today is one of Denmark’s leading suppliers of electrical panels, was started by Ulrik Juul. As a young electrician Ulrik Juul begins laying the foundation stone of Titech, when he starts a smaller production of electrical panels in his basement. In accordance with true entrepreneurial spirit he cuts wires and assembles electrical panels in the late evening hours – often with the help from both family and friends. In the beginning the customers are few, but based on close relations and mutual trust. Ulrik´s vision is to create a large company through a close dialogue with each customer combined with expertise and a rational approach to each project.

What starts out as a Funen entrepreneurial dream, increases rapidly in pace with a greater demand and acquisitions of competitors. The expertise in distribution boards, which is present in Central Jutland, results in Ulrik starting up a department in Herning in 2003. The department is staffed with competent employees of whom some are former collegues from Ulrik’s first job as a newly qualified electrician at Demex Electric. In 2010 Titech acquires Grene Industri Service in Ringe. The year after – in 2011 – the acquisition of Kemp & Lauritzen in Svendborg follows. In 2014 Titech acquires the firm KS-Automatic based in Herning.

Gradually, as several competitors in the industry move their production abroad, the need of creative thinking increases. Titech focuses on sustaining the Danish quality and production and instead rise to the challenge of standardizing the business processes in order to continue being competitive.

Titech produces distribution boards and switch boards to small and large electrical companies and construction sites, and advanced control panels, ATEX-boards and UL-panels to large international companies. In our production of electrical panels, we every single year spend more than:

  • 75.000 circuit breakers
  • 100 tons electrical cabinets and
  • over 300 kilometer wires

Here are some of the mile stones of Titech’s history:


Titech employ a Head of Department for Herning. For the fifth year in row, Titech achieves AAA credit rating.


Titech reach a sponsor agreement with triathlete Michelle Vesterby. For the fourth year in row, Titech achieves AAA credit rating.


For the third year in row, Titech achieves AAA credit rating.


Titech acquires KS-Automatic in Herning.


Titech develops Denmark’s first App that makes it possible to build your own housing switch boards easily. The App is availible in App Store.


The Odense department moves to a new domicile of 5,500 m2.

The Herning department expands to 2,000 m2.

Titech invests in a Perforex semi-automatic processing center.

Our Environmental Management System is certified according to ISO 14001:2004.


Titech acquires Kemp & Lauritzen‘s department of panel building in Svendborg. Titech is DS/EN 13980:2004 certified to produce ATEX-boards.


Titech achieves once again AAA accredited. Quality Management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and Titech acquires the panel building department of Grene Industri Service in Ringe.


Titech is recognized as a Gazelle Company for the fitfth time by Børsen. Titech is nominated Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young – this time as a finalist in Region Fyn. Titech invests in a WALBOM production line and a KOMAX Crimping machine.


Titech achieves AAA credit rating at D&B and is nominated for the award Entrepreneur of the Year. CME El-service is sold based on a strategic decision about not being an installer as well as doing business with electrical installation companies.


Titech becomes a public limited company. Titech acquires the installar company CME El-service.


Titech gets its first professional Board of Directors.


Titech moves its 15 employees to Sivlandsvænget in Odense.


Titech, with a staff of 5 employees, moves to a new location in Brændekilde outside of Odense.


Titech Electric is established by Ulrik Juul. The first year he has a minor production of elctrical panels in his basement at Fasanvej in Odense, to few but close customers.

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