Electrical panels for potentially explosive atmospheres

Titech offers, as one of the few producers of electrical panels in Denmark, ATEX-boards. We are certified in accordance with DS/EN ISO/IEC 80079-34, which is a legal requirement/supplement to the ISO9001 system in order to construct and produce ATEX-boards. Titech is authorized within the ATEX area for use in zone 1 and 2 gas. In other words we can assist you with most tasks in relation to work in potentially explosive atmospheres with the exception of mines.

Titech offers pressure proof enclosures (Exd) with direct feed or pressure proof enclosures with increased safety (Exde). Both types for installation in ATEX areas, where there are gases from gas group IIB and IIC present and in the temperature class T4, T5 and T6.

Your benefits when purchasing ATEX-boards:

  • You get a competent discussion partner and are secured the necessary feedback in relation to your current and future projects. We can "demystify" the concept of ATEX and have an eye for the simplest solution for you.
  • Through a close collaboration with us and our suppliers, you are ensured a quick response to prices and offers.
  • You get a complete electrical tecnical documentation, which contains relevant drawings and documents concerning ATEX.
  • All our ATEX-boards are built and tested in our own production, which ensures a faster delivery and quickly changes in the ongoing order.
  • Our ISO- and environmental certifications ensure uniform working processes from one time to the next, with an eye in the environment and product solution.