Control boards for CCMC systems based on decades of experience

We have amassed vast experience in control boards for CCMC systems over many years. This means we are thoroughly familiar with the special requirements for ensuring that a Central Condition Monitoring and Control (CCMC) system regulates building heating and ventilation to best effect with ideal energy efficiency.

This also means that we have the expertise to provide qualified feedback, which benefits many leading CCMC manufacturers, such as Siemens, Schneider, Omron, SE Big Blue and Danfoss System Automatik.

Our experience means that we are frequently more than just a supplier of control boards based on customer drawings and programming. We are also a consultant in the start-up phase to help the customer get the right results. Our large project database means that we can quickly find specifications from previous projects for our regular customers.

Delivery at the agreed time and place

We can develop control boards quickly, efficiently and correctly because we know the requirements, and we are known for delivering our products at the agreed time and place.

What you get from using us to be your supplier of control boards for CCMC systems:

  • Constructive feedback about any drawings we receive from you on which to base our work.
  • A partner who is widely experienced in meeting your expectations so you get the right product for the price.
  • A supplier with references from market-leading manufacturers.