Distribution boards at the right price

We produce distribution boards to large and small industrial enterprises. Through a close cooperation with local electricians, we also provide distribution boards to all types of homes and large buildings.

We always apply type-tested modular systems in accordance with Danish and international norms and standards like EN 61439-2/3. Furthermore, we build distribution boards to special short circuit levels and different protection form.

Receive feedback during the quotation-and project stage

Through many years we have had a close cooperation with electricians, and we often function as discussion partners regarding the choice of technical and future-proof solutions in the quotation-and project phase.

When you purchase distribution boards, you always receive:

  • A qualified dialogue to ensure, that you get the optimal solution to your project.
  • A solution, that is future-proof.
  • A quick and correct price on every single distribution board, which helps ensuring an operating economy in your project.
  • Consistent quality on all distribution boards.
  • The opportunity to document your quality assurance and waste management.