We are ISO 14001 certified

As one of the few producers of electrical panels in Denmark, we are environmentally certified according to ISO 14001. This means:

  • That we – and thereby also you – can demonstrate an eco-friendly waste management.
  • That we work together in order to minimize the impact on the environment in the best possible way.

Our environmental policy

Titech works tirelessly to optimise the use of components, consumables and energy in order to reduce waste and CO2 emissions.

As activities change and expand, Titech does its utmost to reduce the environmental impact wherever possible, taking technical and financial opportunities into account, in order to ensure sustainable development.

Titech constantly motivates and trains all of its employees to “think green” and to act in an environmentally responsible way. Waste from Titech is sorted at source and, where possible, sent for recycling.

In accordance with this environmental policy, Titech has set specific environmental objectives and targets, with associated action plans. These environmental activities are documented in the ISOWARE management system, which is constantly developed in order to meet or exceed current national and international legislation at all times.