Industrial Automation and PLC controls

We are widely experienced in automation and PLC software. We can run and manage projects, and we have delivered control boards for everything from small machinery controls to complex processing systems.

Development of sound PLC controls requires us to closely interact with you and understand the context in which the PLC software must work. First and foremost, this requires experienced employees who can ask the right questions and listen carefully to your needs and wishes as our customer.

Our PLC software is quality tested

Buying PLC software through us is your guarantee that you also get what you need. We draw on some of the best PLC programmers in the market. And we deliver PLC software to manufacturers such as Siemens, Rockwell, Omron, ABB and Schneider.

Our procedures are your assurance of quality when we deliver a solution to you. Each solution undergoes a FAT test before the PLC controls are put into production. This is a quality test where you – together with our employee in charge of the project – have the option of fine-tuning the individual processes.

If you buy PLC software from us, you always get:

  • Expert feedback from employees with years of experience. They understand the importance of listening and asking the right questions in order to identify your needs;
  • Quality assurance through a FAT test;
  • A business partner who is thoroughly familiar with the needs of a wide variety of sectors, including dairy operation, carcass disposal, the manufacturing industry and the mechanical engineering industry.