What our customers say about Titech Tavlebygger App

Titech’s App makes for a faster service

“I use the Titech Panel Builder App on quite a regular basis. It’s a major advantage for me to be able to send the enquiry on the board right there and then. This makes for a faster service. I think Titech is really good at providing quotes quickly. I am a one-man business, so it is a huge advantage that I don’t need to be back at the office to send my enquiry, but can just do it via the app while I am out with the customer.”

Frank Hallum, owner of Hallum Elektric


Titech’s App makes ordering straightforward

“It’s wonderfully easy to use the app. I don’t need to spend all that long putting a panel together, and a couple of days later, I receive a quote from Titech. I prefer to use Titech as a panel manufacturer because Titech offers this solution which makes ordering straightforward.”

Frank Ahrens, owner of Installatør Frank Ahrens


Titech’s App saves me from having to give a long-winded explanation

“Using the app enables me to decide where I want all the components to go without having to give a long-winded explanation. This means that the panel delivered to me is exactly as I ordered. The fact that it is so easy and simple to use the app – and that Titech offers such competitive prices – means that I will continue to be a customer of Titech.”

Kasper Hansen, head fitter at Tim El-Service


Easy to design your own panel with the Titech App

“Titech Tavlebygger App is amazingly easy to deal with. It only took 10 minutes from I downloaded the app till I had ordered the panel. It is as easy, as it gets. In the event that I do business with private customers, it is real clever, that you can draw the panel together with the customer. Often the finished panels do not match my customers’ needs and therefore it is flexible with the app. If I ever need an offer on a panel to private customers again, I will absolutely use the app again.”

Michael H. Hansen, electrician at Dansk El & Teknik


Good and quick service when using the Titech App

Titech Tavlebygger App is exstremely nice and easy. I sent an inquiry about a panel in the afternoon/evening and the next morning I had an offer. It was quick service, which I am not used to. The great thing about the app is that I can draw the panel myself without having to explain it. At the same time I do not have to decide which manufacture, I want to use. It appears from the app that it is quality components; however quality can be many things. Therefore, I was really postive, when I discovered, that the components were from ABB. I will definitely use the app again.”

Kenn S. Olsen, electrician at El-Service


With the Titech App, I got the panel that I needed

The Titech Tavlebygger App is easy and simple to use. The advantage of the app is that you have the opportunity to design the panel rather than callling and explaining. At the same time you are certain that you get it the way, you want it, as you have choosen the components for the panel. Thereby you avoid situations where it is word against word. I do not have much to do with the daily operation anymore but if I need to order a panel again, I will use the app again.”

Klaus Svendsen, owner of PRO Elteknik A/S


You can try Titech Tavlebygger App here


What our customers say about Titech

Titech’s strengths are definitely their prices and flexibility

“We have done business with Titech for approximately 3 years. The collaboration started randomly with a project, where Titech was brought in as consultants. Our experience is that they are good and flexible to work with and therefore it has been obvious for us to proceed with them as suppliers.”

Kenneth Vridsgård, chief fitter at HRH EL A/S


We know, what we get, when we do business with Titech

TJ-EL Enterprise has done busines with Titech for more than 2 years. Our primary reason for trading with Titech is, that they have a good and fast delivery, and because we get some good deals. Typically, it takes a short time from we obtain a price till an offer is returned. It also matters, of course, that Titech has the right service.”

Martin Jensen, calculator at TJ-EL Entreprise


At Titech we have a regular sales person, and it saves me a lot of time.

“A big strength when doing business with Titech is that they have a regular sales person that is associated with our company. It saves me a lot of time that there is only one entry to the company, and it makes the process from the initial inquiry to the final delivery smoooth aand seamless. The price also matters of course, and Titech has reasonable prices. Maybe we could find panels that are a bit cheaper elsewhere but at the same time we would have to compromise and deal with variable service and support. It is not our experience at Titech. The security and constant service are of great importance- so we would rather pay a bit more. Our regular contact person at Titech has a large sense of responsibility for our cooperation. It is fine, that they call and ask, if everything is as expected, after a delivery.”

Morten Rasmussen, project manager, Connection Peiter Olsen A/S.
Traded with Titech for approximately 3 years


Titech’s panels have good documentation and high quality

“We typically trade large industrial panels at Titech. The collaboration started around the construction of a range of shops, where the customer original had chosen Titech as the supplier. We have a good cooperation with Titech and also chose them for other projects. First and foremost because Titech’s panels have good documentation. In addition to the documentation we emphasize that their quality is high, that the agreed goods are delivered at the agreed time and that Titech has a good customer service, where we can get technical support and fast feedback to our requests. When we work with advanced industrial panels, it is essential, that we ourselves can assess the delivered panels – so we logically can see, what they have been thinking at Titech, when they build the panels. Price wise Titech’s offers are good. We have tested their prices a couple of times and they are definetely competitive.”

Henrik Hjortskov, chief fitter at Hillerød el-service A/S.
Traded with Titech through the last 3 years